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“ARKADIA 2020”
Intermediate Managing Authority
Operational Programme “Peloponnesus” 2014-2020
Contact number: 2710222881
Title Name & Surname Ε-mail
Head of the Special Managing Authority for the Operational Programme Vasileios Salakos
Unit A: Programme Planning and Evaluation
Contact number: 2710221550 – 2710222881
Head of Unit A Eleni Houtopoulou
Georgios Samartzis
Unit B: Operations Management 
Contact number: 2710221550 – 710222881
  Head of Unit B1΄ Eleni Pavlopoulou
Ilias Panopoulos
Unit C:  Organisation – Support & Encouragement of Beneficiaries Contact number: 2710222881
Head of Unit C Vasileios Salakos
Georgios Askounis
Theodora Gritzali
Andreas Ntouvas

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