Intermediate Managing Authority

Within the framework of Ref. No 545/03.03.2017 ‘Call for submission of proposals for COMMUNITY-LED LOCAL DEVELOPMENT STRATEGIES (CLLD), WITHIN THE FRAMEWORK OF THE OP ‘PELOPONNESUS’ 2014-2020’, issued by the Special Managing Authority for the Operational Programme of the Peloponnesus Region, ‘CLLD ARKADIA 2020 CIVIL NON-PROFIT COMPANY’ submitted proposal Ref. No 5/02-06-2017 for a Community-led Local Development Strategy entitled ‘CLLD Strategy and Action Plan ‘Arkadia 2020’, which was approved by decision No 2827/7-11-2017 (Online Publication Number: 7ΣΣΥ7Λ1-3ΧΠ) of the Head of the Region of the Peloponnesus.

Subsequent to recommendation Ref. No 3360/27-12-2017 from the Managing Authority for the Regional Operational Programme of the Peloponnesus, the Local Action Group ‘Arkadia 2020 Civil Non-profit Company’ was nominated on 29 December 2017 to act as an Intermediate Authority under the Operational Programme ‘Peloponnesus’ 2014-2020. Assignment of management powers was given for State Aid action initiatives and for initiatives other than State Aid within the framework of the approved CCLD Strategy under the Operational Programme ‘Peloponnesus’ 2014-2020. (Government Gazette 4668/Series II/29-12-2017).

As an Intermediate Authority, ‘ARKADIA 2020 Civil Non-profit Company’ undertakes to manage part of the Operational Programme ‘Peloponnesus’ 2014-2020 with the total allocated sum for management and total funding amounting to EUR 19,000,000 distributed according to priority axis, thematic objective, investment priority and intervention field.

Government Gazette 4668 Series II 2017 Definition of Intermediate Management Authority